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The evolution of static control over 50 years

“The advancement of static control over the past decades has been a product of demand requirements, specifically health & safety and better ionising systems."

Posted 2016-01-25 Tags

Blog post - “What incidents are most commonly caused by static?”

Despite static being one of the most common phenomena we encounter on a daily basis, it is actually surprising how most people aren’t aware of the effects it can have on the production environments of a number of industries, including plastics, converting, even food & drink. 

Posted 2016-01-25 Tags

The many facets of customer-led R&D and innovation

One of the most significant trends acknowledged in many industries today is the need for companies to partner with customers in the R&D (Research & Development) stage of the product development cycle....

Posted 2016-01-22 Tags

Something in the Air: Ionization as a Solution to Static

Static can cause problems in medical device manufacturing processes, but active air ionization is an effective and practical fix.  

Posted 2016-01-21 Tags

Blog Post - Time and the Machine

Digital is certainly making a big impact on print, especially in the media and publishing industries.

Posted 2016-01-21 Tags

Blog Post - Shocking revelations of static’s effects on labels

Q. So, static & labels: what’s the link? ............

Posted 2016-01-21 Tags

Xeikon partners with Meech and invests in CyClean non-contact web cleaning system

Xeikon has optimised its digital press solutions with multiple installations of Meech’s CyClean™ non-contact web cleaning systems. 

Posted 2016-01-12 Tags

Meech and Convertec at Scanpack 2015

Our Business Development Manager Donald Lewis discusses the Meech Hyperion range and Meech web cleaning systems at Scanpack 2015. 

Posted 2016-01-04 Tags

Meech addresses print industry needs with static control and web cleaning ranges on display at Grafima 2015

Meech is exhibiting its static control and web cleaning ranges for the first time at Grafima 2015 (Hall IV, Belgrade Fair, Serbia).

Posted 2015-09-30 Tags

Meech showcases complete static control and web cleaning ranges at Labelexpo Europe 2015

Meech is exhibiting its full static control and web cleaning ranges at Labelexpo Europe 2015 (Stand 6C34). 

Posted 2015-09-29 Tags

Meech introduces new 906 and 907 power supply units

Meech International has launched the 906 and 907 high voltage power supplies as part of the company’s Hyperion range of static electricity control equipment.

Posted 2015-09-21 Tags

Meech launches new Hyperion bar for static control applications

Meech International has further expanded its successful Hyperion range of static control systems with the launch of the 924IPS, a compact, short-range pulsed DC ionising bar.

Posted 2015-07-30 Tags

Meech’s Hyperion range of static control bars to feature at Labelexpo Europe ‘15

Meech’s Hyperion range of anti-static bars will be prominent on stand 6C34, at Labelexpo Europe 2015 (Brussels Expo, 29th September – 2nd October).

Posted 2015-07-01 Tags

Meech announces appointment of new General Manager for Chinese region

Richard Kang has been announced as the new General Manager of Meech Static Eliminators (Shanghai) Co. Ltd and is set to play a key role in the growth of the company’s business in China.

Posted 2015-05-27 Tags

Meech discusses why the converting industry needs to be aware of static

1) Why is static an important consideration for the converting industry? Converters need to take notice of static for a number of reasons. Aside from potentially generating harmful operator shocks, static attracts dirt and dust when it is present within the production line.

Posted 2015-03-10 Tags