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Meech’s range of static control and web cleaning technologies to feature at PLASTPOL 2016

Meech International will partner with Polish distributor Entro Holdings to showcase its complete range of web cleaners and anti-static bars at PLASTPOL 2016 (Stand E10, 17th – 20th May, Kielce, Poland).

Posted 2016-04-19 Tags

Werosys incorporates Meech’s Hyperion bars into intelligent converting environment

Werosys is the latest company to employ Meech’s static control solutions, with the installation of thirty Hyperion 929IPS anti-static bars in its production environment.

Posted 2016-03-31 Tags

Hyperion Range Extended!

The latest addition to our Hyperion Range, the Hyperion 959IPS Ionising Air Curtain, is an extremely versatile product that provides effective static neutralisation and dust removal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Posted 2016-03-24 Tags

Stop Your Industrial Cabinets Or Enclosures From Overheating

The Meech Cabinet Cooler uses compressed air to provide a cold air source that stops industrial cabinets/panels or enclosures from overheating, while also preventing ingress of contamination such as dust or moisture. 

Posted 2016-03-17 Tags

Static control for coding and marking systems

By installing an anti-static ionising bar like the ones available in Meech’s Hyperion range, packaging companies can ensure their supply chain runs smoothly and that codes are delivered to the standards expected by the industry and their customers.

Posted 2016-03-15 Tags

The issues of static in flexible packaging

The elimination of static charges should be a fundamental part of the quality control measures adopted in flexible packaging.

Posted 2016-03-15 Tags

Meech launches new Hyperion ionising air curtain

Meech International has announced the latest addition to its Hyperion range of static control systems, the 959IPS ionising air curtain. 

Posted 2016-03-10 Tags

Static control for improving end product quality in 3D printing

3D printing, also commonly referred to as ‘additive manufacturing’, has been firmly in the spotlight for the past few years, as stories of 3D printed cars and prosthetic limbs grab headlines across the world’s news outlets, while industry experts herald it as a technology of the future.

Posted 2016-02-22 Tags

Blog Post - Scrub Away

Older bars could arguably generate more power but were far more dangerous to handle, as they would give much bigger shocks to operators, making them virtually impossible to handle. Makes it a little difficult to clean them when they get dusty, isn’t it? Fast-forward to the present day and things have changed considerably.

Posted 2016-02-19 Tags

Blog post - “What incidents are most commonly caused by static?”

Despite static being one of the most common phenomena we encounter on a daily basis, it is actually surprising how most people aren’t aware of the effects it can have on the production environments of a number of industries, including plastics, converting, even food & drink. 

Posted 2016-01-25 Tags

The many facets of customer-led R&D and innovation

One of the most significant trends acknowledged in many industries today is the need for companies to partner with customers in the R&D (Research & Development) stage of the product development cycle....

Posted 2016-01-22 Tags

Blog Post - Shocking revelations of static’s effects on labels

Q. So, static & labels: what’s the link? ............

Posted 2016-01-21 Tags

Xeikon partners with Meech and invests in CyClean non-contact web cleaning system

Xeikon has optimised its digital press solutions with multiple installations of Meech’s CyClean™ non-contact web cleaning systems. 

Posted 2016-01-12 Tags

Meech and Convertec at Scanpack 2015

Our Business Development Manager Donald Lewis discusses the Meech Hyperion range and Meech web cleaning systems at Scanpack 2015. 

Posted 2016-01-04 Tags

Meech addresses print industry needs with static control and web cleaning ranges on display at Grafima 2015

Meech is exhibiting its static control and web cleaning ranges for the first time at Grafima 2015 (Hall IV, Belgrade Fair, Serbia).

Posted 2015-09-30 Tags