Features Of The Meech AHUv3 Range

Touch Screen Control

The AHUv3 leads its class. It is fully touchscreen controlled, allowing a clear graphical display of the system settings and status, whilst also making initial setup very fast.

Touch Screen control on Air Handling Units, CyClean, ShearClean, VacClean

Interlocks and Signals

Meech engineers have provided an interlock for remote start/stop of the AHUv3 to ensure the system is always running during production. Signals for filter condition and to show the system is running are also provided.

Automatic Vacuum Pressure Control

A key feature of the AHUv3 is the Meech automatic vacuum pressure control. This feature has been designed to remove the requirement of ongoing operator adjustment - meaning the operator does not need to monitor the system until the filter condition warning signal is displayed. Critically this feature also means that a consistent level of cleaning is achieved for the full life of the filter, resulting in a consistent end product.

On Board Ionisation

The power supply for the integral ionisation system can be mounted on the rear of the AHUv3. Power for the ionisation power supply is taken directly from the AHUv3, meaning only one main electrical supply is required for the system installation.


Excellent filtration is paramount in any web cleaning system. The Meech AHUv3 range has two levels of filtration:

F8 Grade Bag Filter

Efficiency of 90-95% at 0.4μ or 100% at 1μ

Dual layer filter

- AHUv3 Compact surface area: 0.7m²
- AHUv3 3 and 6 pump surface area: 2m²

H14 Grade HEPA Filter

Efficiency of 99.997% at 0.3μ

- AHUv3 Compact surface area: 4.5m²
- AHUv3 3 and 6 pump surface area: 7.5m²

Filter Capacity Increase

The filter capacity of the Meech AHUv3 range can be increased by adding an optional inline filter unit. This unit is installed as a pre-filter to the AHUv3 and includes one additional F8 grade bag filter.