Energy Saving Air Amplifiers

Product Code: A15000

Meech Air Technology Energy Saving Air Amplifiers provide large airflows whilst only consuming a minimal volume of compressed air.

A tiny amount of compressed air is released through an adjustable circular slot inside the Air Amplifier creating a 'tube' of air. The 'tube' of air then travels towards the front creating areas of low pressure behind and in front that entrains ambient air at a ratio of between 4 and 25:1 depending on the size of air amplifier.

Meech Air Amplifiers are available in five sizes in aluminium (three sizes available in stainless steel) to suit a wide range of applications.

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Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Innovative design

    Giving air amplification ranging from 4 to 25:1

  • No moving parts

    Low maintenance

  • Adjustability

    Application specific set-up (no shims). Leading to hundreds of different applications

  • Locking ring

    Holds specific set-up

  • Lower noise levels

    Up to 50dBA noise reduction compared to 'open pipe' systems - Health and Safety Compliant

  • Available in 5 sizes

    From 18mm to 100mm air outlet

  • Available in aluminium or stainless steel

    Suitable for a wide range of industries

  • Lower compressed air usage

    Lower running costs and in turn lower energy bills

Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions

    A15005 - Extra Small – 44mm (L) x 28mm (H) x 12mm throat (18mm outlet) 

    A15008 - Small – 73mm (L) x 50mm (H) x 20mm throat (32mm outlet) 

    A15006 - Medium – 90mm (L) x 60mm (H) x 25mm throat (37mm outlet) 

    A15015 - Large – 84mm (L) x 76mm (H) x 40mm throat (51mm outlet) 

    A15030 - Extra Large – 128mm (L) x 127mm (H) x 74mm throat (100mm outlet) 

Meech Energy Saving Air Amplifiers