Energy Saving Safety Nozzle

Meech Energy Saving Safety Nozzle

Product Code: A48000

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Energy Saving Safety Nozzles from Meech can save up to 70% of compressed air demand whilst dramatically reducing noise levels.

The innovative nozzle design forces compressed air through an adjustable circular slot and then directs it at high velocity over the outside of the nozzle cone.

The design amplifies the output airflow by entraining the ambient air at a 25:1 ratio.

Innovative design Giving 25:1 air amplification
Adjustability Application specific set-up. Leading to hundreds of different applications

Lower noise levels

Dramatic reduction of noise levels compared to "open pipe" - compliant with health and saftey requirements

Lower compressed air usage Lower running costs and in turn lower energy bills
Energy Saving Can dramatically cut compressed air usage
Compatible with Meech Blowgun Opening up even more uses

Available in aluminium and stainless steel

Suitable for a wide range of industries

No moving parts

Low maintenance

Technical Characteristics
Dimensions (mm) (H)21, (L)49