Coldstream Air Gun

Meech Coldstream Air Gun

Product Code: A60000

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Coldstream Air Guns from Meech Air Technology provide a cold airflow that is commonly used for spot cooling.

The Vortex Tube is at the heart of the Coldstream Gun, encased within hot and cold end silencers. The cold air produced by the Vortex Tube is easily directed on to the area to be cooled via the knuckle trunking. The hot air created by the opposite end of the Vortex Tube flows into the atmosphere via a silencer.

The cold airflow can be as low as 50°C below the inlet air temperature and be maintained to +/- 0.6°C.

The attached drawing on the data sheet is for a Large ColdStream Air Gun.

No moving parts Low maintenance and easy to use

Stainless steel

Suitable for harsh environments

Adjustment knob (adjustable models only) Accurate temperature control
28cm knuckle trunking Easy direction of cold airflow

Magnetic base

Quick and easy mounting to any metallic surface and can be moved with little hassel.

Available in 2 sizes

Large Coldstream Gun and small Coldstream Gun available

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (mm)

Adjustable Large - (L) 280mm x (H) 44.5mm

Non-Adjustable Large - (L) 258mm x (H) 44.5mm