EX Cabinet Cooler

Meech EX Cabinet Cooler with Label

Product Code: A70025EX

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The Meech EX Cabinet Cooler uses compressed air to provide a cold air source that stops industrial cabinets/panels or enclosures in hazardous locations from overheating. The Meech EX Cabinet Cooler is suitable for installation in category 2 (Zone 1), T4 locations, where ATEX or IECEx certification is required. 

The Cabinet Cooler has no electrical/electronic components making them entirely non-electrical. The cooling is provided from a Vortex Tube located inside the cooler. The Cabinet Cooler creates both a hot and cold stream of air, the cold air is directed inside the enclosure whilst the hot air is released to the atmosphere via two holes located in the side of the Cabinet Cooler.

The Cooler can be mounted to the directly to the top, side or underneath of the enclosure via a 26mm diameter hole. An O-ring seal between the Cabinet Cooler and the enclosure wall maintains the integrity of the enclosure. 




EU Type Examination, Certification Number


IECEx Certificate Number

IECEx BAS 16.0087X

Product Classification

Group II Category 2 Equipment

Maximum Inlet Air Pressure

80psi (5.5 Bar)

Maximum Inlet Air Temperature


Cold Fraction

70% (2.5 Turns from closed)

Report Number


Temperature Classification


Technical Characteristics


222(L) x 45(W)


EX Cabinet Cooler unit, 4 x High Fraction Generators and 2.5m of Cooling Tube.

Noise Level

73dBA (@ 80psi (5.5 Bar)

Cooling Capacity

190 Watt (650 Btu/hr) to 703 Watt (2400 Btu/hr)

IP/Nema Rating

IP56/Nema 4/12