Experimental Kit

Meech Experimental Kit

Product Code: A20300

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The Meech Experimental Kit incorporates a Meech Vortex Tube with a Cold End Silencer and a length of flexible knuckle trunking which can be used to direct the cold air flow. The Experimental Kit also includes all 8 generators, that allows for the most flexible temperature and air consumption, perfect for application that require changing cold air temperature.


No moving parts

Low maintenance

Available in 2 sizes

Suitable for a range of applications

Runs only on compressed air

No electricity costs

Stainless steel construction

Hard wearing

Technical Characteristics

Compact and lightweight

Overall length - Medium 272mm 

Overall length - Small 239mm

Versatile temperature control

Supplied with all 8 generators

Directional cold air flow

Knuckle trunking provided

Reduced noise operation

Silencer provided