Small Coldstream Air Gun

Coldstream Air Gun Small

Product Code: A60008

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The Meech Small Coldstream Air Gun comprises of a small Vortex Tube, hot and cold-end silencers and a length of flexible knuckle trunking.

The Small Coldstream Air Gun is specially designed for smaller, more delicate applications that require less air flow. The Small Coldstream Air Gun is supplied with both the yellow 8cfm high fraction generator and the green 8cfm low fraction generator.


Innovative design

The use of silencers reduces noise levels meaning they can be used in most environments

„No moving parts

No maintenance

Easy to install

Includes a strong magnet that will secure it to any ferromagnetic surface


Supplied with 2 generators (yellow and green) that will control the air volume and temperature

Manufactured in stainless steel

Hard wearing and suitable for use in many different environments

Low noise

Cold-end silencer reduces compressed air noise

Two sizes

Small and Large

Knuckle trunking

Allows cold air to be directed to hard to reach areas

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (mm)

(L) 230mm x (H) 50mm