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Meech Stainless Steel Vortex Tubes convert compressed air into two airflows, one extremely cold and the other extremely hot.

Compressed air enters the spin chamber tangentially. This causes the column of air inside the tube to rotate at very high speed (up to 1 million rpm). The air at the outside of the column, moving very fast has a lot of energy and is hot. The air at the centre of the column, moving relatively slowly has little energy and is cold. The hot outer air is bled off at one end of the tube and the cold inner air at the other.

Vortex Tubes have no moving parts and can produce temperatures as low as 50°C below the inlet air temperature and as high as 110°C.

The attached drawing on the data sheet is for a medium vortex tube.

Innovative design Temperature drop as low as 50ºC below inlet air temp. Hot air up to +110ºC

Stainless steel

Hard wearing and hygienic

No moving parts Maintenance free
Relief valve Accurate temperature control
Available in 2 sizes Medium Vortex Tube (10 - 35cfm) and Small Vortex Tube (8cfm). Suitable for a wide range of applications
Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (mm)

Medium  (L) 212.3mm x (H) 44.5mm