913 Flow Tube

Meech 913 Flow Tube

Product Code: 913

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The Meech Model 913 Flow Tube is designed to neutralise static charges on materials in handling and conveying systems. It incorporates in-line ionisation, which eliminates material clinging and clogging in ducting systems due to static charges.

The 913 Flow Tube comprises a stainless steel or PVC tube fitted with Model 914 static elimination bars, which are driven by a Model 905 power unit. It is available in a range of diameters to suit the specific application.



Highly effective neutralisation of static charges

Allows product to flow freely, thereby preventing clogging and improving productivity

Available in stainless steel or PVC

Can be matched to existing ducting materials

Available in a wide range of standard diameters

Easy to incorporate into existing ducting

Resistively coupled bar design

Shockless operation

Technical Characteristics

Total length


Diameter range

2-12 inches (50-305mm)

Maximum temperature


Tube construction

Stainless steel or PVC