910 Anti-Static Bar

Model 910 Anti-Static (Antistatic) bar

Product Code: 910

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The Model 910 anti-static bar incorporates an inductively coupled design that achieves powerful static neutralisation with completely shockproof operation.

The design is compact, yet rugged, for most industrial applications and has become an industrial standard for reliable, cost effective neutralisation. The Model 910 is powered by the Model 904.

Powerful ion production Fast charge decay times
Small cross-section Suitable for installations where space is limited
Short-circuit proof Accidental earthing of one electrode allows the remaining electrodes to continue to operate
Sealed versions available Ensures reliable operation in harsh environments
Technical Characteristics
Dimensions Cross section - 16mm (w) x 20mm (h) Length - 80 to 4000mm in 20mm steps
Weight Approx 750gm per metre
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
Operating voltage 7.0kV
Pin energy Approx 0.15 millijoules
Cable 2 metres shielded in flexible conduit; longer lengths can be ordered
Construction Anodised aluminium
Emitters Stainless steel moulded in polypropylene
Mounting M4 x 20mm studs

Typical Operating Range

15 - 30mm