914 Anti-Static Bar

Product Code: 914

The Meech model 914 anti-static AC bar has been designed to meet the most arduous of static control problems, including those encountered in high speed applications.

The powerful performance of the model 914 provides very fast decay times and effective ionisation up to distances of 100mm. It is shockless and is easily maintained. The model 914 is powered by the model 905 power unit.



Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Features & Benefits

  • Powerful, intense ion production

    Very fast decay times and effective at faster web speeds

  • Small cross-section

    Suitable for installations where space is limited

  • Resistively coupled emitter pins 

    Shockless, thereby enhancing operator safety

  • Sharp titanium emitter pins

    Reduced pin contamination & longer effective life

Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions

    Cross section - 15mm (W) x 18mm (H)
    Length - 80 to 4000mm

  • Weight

    Approximatley 400 grams per metre

  • Operating voltage

    5.0kV AC

  • Emitters

    Titanium pins

  • Construction

    Anodised aluminium outer with pvc extruded liner and resin potted components.

  • Mounting

    M4 x 20mm studs

  • Typical Operating Range

    25 - 100mm

Meech 914 Anti-Static (Antistatic) Bar

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Must Haves

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