935 Ionising Blower

Meech 935 Ionising/Ionizing Blower

Product Code: 935

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The Model 935 Ionising Blower provides effective long range ionisation over a large area. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

The Model 935 comprises an ionisation head and an integrated fan system. A high volume flow of ionised air is generated by blowing air through the ionisation head at the mouth of the unit. Ionisation is provided by powerful 915 bars, generating an ionised field to a depth of up to 2000mm. The 935 unit is powered by the Model 904 and is available in both 110V and 240V versions.

Resistively coupled ionisation head Shockless operation
Ionisation provided by 915 bars Powerful ionisation with very fast decay times
High volume air flow Provides highly effective long range ionisation
Large footprint Effective over a large target area
Available in 200mm length increments Flexibility to optimise performance for individual applications

Easy, flexible mounting

Can be mounted on walls, ceilings etc to suit a specific application

Removable polypropylene grille Easy access for regular maintenance of ionisation head
Variable fan speed (option) Air flow can be adjusted to suit specific applications
Filter media (option) Ensures only clean air impacts the target area
Technical Characteristics
Weight Approx. 4.5Kg per 400mm length
Dimensions 184mm W x 171.5mm H x up to 3000mm L
Operating voltage 110/240V, 50/60Hz
Construction Extruded anodised aluminium body with steel end plates
Mounting Steel fixing brackets supplied with each unit
Maximum temperature 60°C

HT cable length


Electrical supply for fan units

200mm    50W         1200mm 150W

400mm    50W         1400mm  200W

600mm    100W       1600mm  200W

800mm    100W       1800mm  250W

1000mm  150W       2000mm  250W

Typical Operating Range

300 - 1200mm