954v2 Shockless Ionising Nozzle

Meech 954v2 Shockless Ionising (Ionizing) Nozzle

Product Code: 954v2-BE

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The 954v2 Nozzle is an ionising nozzle for neutralising static charges and removing dust contamination on a wide range of industrial processes. 

This second generation shockless ionising nozzle provides decay rates 60% faster than the previous version. 


Resistively coupled

Shockless - Enhances operator safety

Titanium emitter

Delivers maximum ionisation performance over long service life

Nozzle design

More effective ionisation performance & reduced noise levels

Integral bypass holes

Meets dead-end pressure safety guidelines

Technical Characteristics

Operating Voltage

7kV from 904 power unit


2 metres of H.T. cable in flexible conduit  (Longer lengths can be specified when ordering).

Max Temperature


Max Pressure

6.8 Bar /100 PSI (Recommended usage 3.4 Bar / 50 PSI)

Air Consumption

13cfm @ 50psi (370 litres/min @ 3.5 bar)

Noise level (at 1000mm)

<80 dBA at 50psi