940 Ionising Nozzle

Product Code: 940

The Model 940 is available as either a “Through Type” or “Blank End” nozzle. The Through Type nozzle allows the HT cable to pass through so that more than one nozzle can be installed in series on to the cable. The HT cable terminates in a Blank End nozzle.

The Model 940 is powered by the Model 905 and is suitable for applications requiring the removal of electrostatically attracted dust and for longer range static neutralisation.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Rapid decay times
    Highly effective static neutralisation
  • Only maintenance requirement is periodic cleaning around emitter pin
    Easy maintenance with minimum downtime
  • Small and compact
    Easy to locate and install in confined spaces
  • Air consumption

    16cfm @ 100 psi

Technical Characteristics

  • Weight
  • Operating voltage


  • Construction
    Black anodised aluminium with PTFE insert
  • Maximum temperature
  • Dimensions (nozzle)
    Length - 71mm Body Diameter - 25mm Nozzle Outlet Diameter - 15mm
  • Air pipe connection

    1/8" BSP

  • Maximum air pressure

    100 psi

Meech 940 Ionising/Ionizing Nozzle

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Must Haves

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