942F Flexi Nozzle

Product Code: 942F

The Meech Model 942 Flexi Nozzle is a small, lightweight in-line ionizing air nozzle with the discharge outlet extended by flexible knuckle trunking.

The 942 Flexi Nozzle is designed for use with low pressure compressed air lines and for applications requiring the removal of electrostatically attracted dust and/or static neutralization. It is particularly suited to applications on sheet feeder and delivery systems. It is connected to a suitable high voltage power supply (the Meech Model 905). The addition of flexible knuckle trunking enables the system to deliver ionized air with accuracy into “difficult to reach” places, where conventional systems would be ineffective or impossible to install.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Features & Benefits

  • Flexible knuckle trunking extension

    Delivers ionisation precisely where it is needed. Effective in "difficult to reach" places.

  • Rapid decay times

    Highly effective in sheet feeder applications.

  • Only maintenance requirement is periodic cleaning around emitter pin.
    Easy maintenance and minimum downtime.
  • "Stay put" knuckle trunking.

    Enables simple and quick installation.

  • Small and compact.
    Easy to locate and install in confined spaces.

Technical Characteristics

  • Operating voltage
  • Construction
    Brass body with moulded plastic inserts
  • Max temperature
  • Dimensions (body)
    32mm outer diameter x 56mm long
  • Dimensions - trunking (standard)
    118mm long
  • Max air pressure
    30 psi
Meech 942F Flexi Nozzle

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