900vs2 High Voltage Sensor

Meech 900vs2 High Voltage Sensor

Product Code: 900vs2

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The Meech Model 900vs2 is a high voltage sensor designed to monitor the high voltage output of Meech AC power units. Operating status is displayed via LED’s. Relay outputs allow connection to remote indicator lamps or alarms.

The 900vs2 is powered directly from the Model 904 or 905.

Monitors high voltage output Confirms operational status of static elimination equipment connected to the power unit
Relay outputs Allows connection to remote visual or audible alarms
Powered directly by 904 or 905 No additional, separate power supply is necessary
Internal rechargeable battery power supply Unit continues to operate for 60 hours on battery if the mains power supply fails or any other fault occurs
Low voltage lead connection Easy to extend to give flexibility in positioning the unit in the most convenient location
Technical Characteristics
Dimensions 65mm x 120mm x 40mm (h x w x d)
Weight 0.4kgs
Power input From 904 or 905 power unit
Rechargeable battery PP3
Relay Fully sealed SPCO
Relay connection 3.5mm jack

Low voltage cable

2 metres supplied as standard