904 Power Supply

Product Code: 904

The Meech Model 904 is a constant voltage AC power supply, designed to provide a 7kV source for Meech AC ionising equipment. It is adjustable to operate at 100-120v or 200-240v input voltages and is available in either 50Hz and 60Hz versions to suit local conditions.

The 904 utilises a modified shape of output wave form for powerful static neutralisation and is uniquely designed to allow automated manufacture for increased reliability and extended product life. The 904 incorporates a low voltage jack socket for connection of the Model 900vs2.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Automated manufacture on purposebuilt plant
    Consistent, uniform winding gives more robust and stable performance
  • Modified output wave form
    More powerful static neutralisation, lower electrical stress and increased reliability
  • Illuminated indicator for high voltage output
    Confirmation that the system is operational. Can also assist in ionising system diagnosis
  • Connection ports for four ionising appliances and high load capacity

    Several ionising appliances can be supplied by the same single power source

  • Short circuit current of <5mA
    Ensures high level of operator safety
  • Mains voltage selector switch
    Easy selection of appropriate mains voltage
  • IEC fused mains connector
    Enables fast and easy connection to mains supply and reduced installation time
  • CUL and CE approved
    Full conformance to international standards (UL, CSA, CENELEC & CE)

Technical Characteristics

  • Weight
  • Input Voltage
    110 or 240V AC
  • Input Frequency
    50Hz (904-50) or 60Hz (904-60)
  • Dimensions

    145mm x 130mm x 113mm

  • Output current

    < 5mA

  • Maximum load

    Equivalent to 12 metres of ionising appliances and cable

  • Output
  • Power consumption


  • Certifications

    CE, UL.

Meech 904 Power Supply