905 Power Supply

Meech 905 Power Supply

Product Code: 905

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The Model 905 is a constant voltage power supply, designed to provide a 5kV source for Meech AC ionising equipment. It is adjustable to operate at 100-120V or 200-240V input voltage and is available in either 50Hz or 60Hz versions to suit local conditions.

The 905 utilises a modified shape of output wave form and is uniquely designed to allow automated manufacture for increased reliability and extended product life. The 905 incorporates a low voltage jack socket for connection of the Model 900vs2.

Automated manufacture on purposebuilt plant Consistent, uniform winding gives more robust and stable performance
Modified output wave form More powerful static neutralisation, lower electrical stress and increased reliability
Illuminated indicator for high voltage output Confirmation that the system is operational. Can also assist in ionising system diagnosis

Connection ports for four ionising appliances and high load capacity

Several ionising appliances can be supplied by the same single power source

Short circuit current of <5mA Ensures high level of operator safety
Mains voltage selector switch Easy selection of appropriate mains voltage
IEC fused mains connector Enables fast and easy connection to mains supply and reduced installation time
CUL and CE approved Full conformance to international standards (UL, CSA, CENELEC & CE)
Technical Characteristics
Weight 3.4Kg
Input Voltage 110 or 240V AC
Input Frequency 50Hz (905-50) or 60Hz (905-60)
Maximum dimensions - case 113mm x 150mm x 90mm (h x w x d)
Maximum dimensions - mounting plate 150mm x 130mm (w x d)
Short circuit current < 5mA
Output 5.0kV

Power consumption


Maximum load

Equivalent to 12 metres of ionising appliances and cable