Hyperion 907 Power Supply

Meech 907 Power Supply

Product Code: 907

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The Hyperion 907 is an advanced AC power supply.  It is compatible with all Meech AC Ionisers.  Powered by 24V DC, it produces an adjustable output of up to 7kV AC.   

The electronic drive circuity features Ion Current Monitoring. This provides the operator with local and remote alerts to clean the ionising equipment - Cleaning is a vital maintenance operation to ensure good ionisation performance.  A further benefit of the electronic control is adjustable output balance which, for the first time, allows the use of AC ionisers on sensitive electronics applications.


24V Input Voltage

Universal supply voltage, found on modern machinery, Hyperion 907 can operate independently of local mains voltage and frequency.

Adjustable AC Output

Output voltage of between 4 and 7kV can be set (with BarMaster programmer). This means the Hyperion 907 can be set up to suit any Meech ioniser, making it truly universal.

Universal Meech HT Connection

Up to four standard Meech AC products can be connected to a single power unit, without any modification.

Twin Red/Green LED’s

Easy to see LED indicators ensure the state of the power unit can be viewed at any angle. The colour and state of the LEDs, show whether the system is operating correctly or if it needs attention.

HT Failure Alert

Local and remote alert of damage or HT failure.

Clean Pin Alert

Local and remote instruction to clean the bar. The LED will illuminate to indicate the system is on, working correctly and giving good ionisation performance. A change to a flashing red LED shows Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring (ICM) technology has detected that the bars need cleaning.

Spark Detection

The spark detection system will detect any problem as it happens and alert the operator by a fast flashing LED. The alert can also be monitored remotely via the alarm signal wire.

Balance Adjustment

For critical electronic applications the offset voltage that is found on AC bars can potentially cause failures of integrated circuitry. The ability to remove this offset voltage with the 907 and deliver precise neutralisation means that AC bars can be used on applications that, previously, they were unsuitable for.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxHxD)

92mm x 110mm x 118mm




Painted Steel

Input Current

200mA-850mA Load Dependant

Input Voltage

24V DC - N.B. Supply must be grounded.

Output Voltage

Adjustable, 4 to 7kV AC

Output Frequency



Murr 4 pin M8, Earth terminal

Settings Control


Output Signal 

24V, Output Resistance 10kΩ

Local Indication

Twin Green/Red LEDs