958 Sheet Separator

Meech 958 Sheet Separator

Product Code: 958

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The Meech Model 958 Sheet Separator system has been designed to allow efficient operation of automatic sheet feeders by eliminating static charges and separating the sheets with a controlled laminar sheet of ionised air.

The Model 958 system comprises one or more full flow Meech ionising air curtains on adjustable brackets, which are mounted on the cross rod of the feeder. The Model 957 air curtains incorporate Model 914 static elimination bars, which are driven by a Model 905 power supply. The air supply should be equipped with a pressure regulator and 5 micron filter.

Adjustable mounting Can accommodate different feeder stack heights
Accurate delivery of ionised air Ensures that critical areas of the stack are neutralised and allows precise separation of top sheets
Adjustable air pressure Can optimise operation to suit different materials and process conditions
Linear air flow amplifier Economic use of compressed air
Laminar air flow Reduced ion recombination and longer range neutralisation
Powerful ionisation Ensures smooth feeding of substrates on high speed presses
Shockless ionising bar Safe operation
Technical Characteristics
Maximum Operating Temperature 85ºC

Operating voltage

5kV supplied from Model 905 power unit

Air consumption Approx. 170 litre/min for a 100mm air curtain at 1 bar pressure
Air fittings ¼ BSP
Mounting bracket Machined aluminium, with 15mm diameter hole as standard for fitting to feeder cross rod (other sizes available by request)