Hyperion 959IPS Ionising Air Curtain

Meech Hyperion 959IPS Ionising Air Curtain

Product Code: A959IPS

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The Hyperion 959IPS ionising air curtain is an extremely versatile product that provides effective static neutralisation and dust removal for a wide range of industrial applications.

The unit comprises a Hyperion 924IPS mounted on a Meech energy saving air curtain. Combined they provide a high speed laminar sheet of ionised air.

As with other Hyperion products, the 959IPS features Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring (ICM) technology, which ensures performance is maintained with local and remote alerts when the bar needs cleaning.

Fully BarMaster compatible, the frequency and balance can be adjusted to optimise performance.


Optimum Working Distance

20-300mm for dust removal combined with a typical effective ionisation range of up to 300mm.

Energy Efficient Air Curtain

Can cut compressed air demand by up to 70%, reducing running costs.

Low Voltage Wiring

Requiring a 24V DC supply removes the need for high voltage wiring to the ionising bar.

Integrated Power Supply (IPS)

The integral pulsed DC power supply uses surface-mount high voltage components. This reduces the overall size of the bar.

Adjustable Output

Output voltage, frequency and balance can be adjusted using the BarMaster programmer.

Adjustable output optimises the bar for a range of applications.

Adjustable Clean Pin Alert 

Meech Ion Current Monitoring (ICM) technology detects when the 924IPS needs to be cleaned. The LED on the bar alerts operators of the need for cleaning. This ensures peak performance is maintained.

Environmental Protection

IP66 construction makes the ionising air curtain suitable for harsh environments.

Remote Signal

An output signal will activate when the bar needs cleaning or a fault has been detected.

This will alert operators remotely to attend the bar.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxH) 

28mm x 59mm (Maximum Length 1800mm)




FR ABS / Aluminium

Input Current

Max 500mA

Input Voltage

24V DC (21-27V DC)

Output Voltage

Adjustable, +/- 3 to 7.5kV pulsed DC

Output Frequency

Default: 20Hz (Adjustable with BarMaster)

Output Balance

Default: 54% Positive, 46% Negative (Adjustable with BarMaster)

Environmental Protection



‘T’ Slot with M4 x 20mm studs


Sharp Titanium Pins

Max Ambient Temperature


Air Curtain Connection

1/4” BSP

Air Consumption

112 l/min at 5 Bar per 25mm of length