242 Ion Bar

Meech 242 Ion Bar

Product Code: 242

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The 242 Ion Bar delivers powerful, long range ionisation to control static electricity on assembly benches, and ESD applications.

Using reliable pulsed DC technology, the 242 delivers industry leading ionisation performance. Its great long range ability makes it ideal for use on applications such as phone and PC assembly or repairs. In most installations, complete static control can be achieved without the need for air assistance. Meech's ever reliable titanium emitter system gives extra-long service life. Resistive coupling makes the bar shockless to touch and safe for operators to handle. The design has been optimised to reduce the effects of contamination and to allow easy maintenance.


Powerful long range ionisation

Excellent static control on modern, fast machinery

Rigid profile

Minimises the number of mounting points required

Resistive coupling

Safe for operators to handle

Titanium emitter pins

Continue to give good ionisation after years of use

'T'  slot mountings

Provides complete flexibility of mounting points

Technical Characteristics

Pin Pitch


Dimensions (cross section)

63mm x 72mm



Maximum length