212v2 Benchtop Ioniser

Meech 212v2 Benchtop Ioniser/Ionizer

Product Code: 212v2

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The Model 212v2 Benchtop Ioniser is a compact unit which compliments the Meech Series 200 product range. The Model 212v2 provides excellent work station coverage and a high level of ESD protection.

It has been specifically designed to meet the demanding performance requirements in applications such as:

  • Semiconductor manufacture
  • Electronics assembly & testing
  • Test and re-work
  • Optics, contact lenses & fibre optics
  • Medical device manufacture & packaging
  • Wave soldering
Balance ionisation (typical) +/- 10V Prevents possible ESD damage in sensitive electronic applications, reduces scrap and saves on replacement costs.
Dirty pin indicator and audible alarm Particularly important in applications where balanced ionisation is key to prevention of ESD damage to components. Also, informs the operator when maintenance is required (emitter pin cleaning).
Removable pins Easy to clean and replace. Minimum maintenance downtime.
Two fan speed settings Can be set for optimum operator comfort and ionisation range.
Small footprint Takes up little room, allowing more space for operators’ work activity.
Technical Characteristics
Dimensions 160mm x 160mm x 95mm (H x W x D)
Weight 0.65 Kg
Input Voltage 24V DC (switchmode PSU)
Power consumption 12W
Air Volume Output 15 – 20 lts/sec (33 - 43 cfm)
Noise Level 46 dBA at 1 metre distance
Decay Time (typical) < 4 secs @ 305mm distance and max fan speed. (1000 to 100v)
Ozone < 0.01 ppm
Calibration Factory calibrated at 305 mm