225 Ionising Blower

Meech 225 Ionising/Ionizing Blower

Product Code: 225

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The Model 225 Ionising Blower provides a high level of ESD protection with excellent workstation coverage, “quiet” operation and ease of maintenance. The 225 is the top of the range model and is provided with an extensive range of features and options.


Ion balance +/- 5V (+/- 1V when used inconjunction with the remote ioniser controller option)

Provides the highest level of ESD security for sensitive applications.

Dirty pin indicator (LED) and switchable audiblealarm Detection of a fault triggers a visual and an audible alarm to indicate that maintenance (e.g. emitter pin cleaning) is required.
Separate positive and negative out of balanceindicators with switchable audible alarm Provides a clear indication of blower status (balance condition).
Auto shutdown System automatically shuts down when an out of balance or dirty pin condition is encountered to prevent any continuing damage.
Auto tracking alarm Ensures that alarms are set at the correct levels for the actual operating environment.
Removable titanium emitter pins Easy maintenance and minimum downtime (unit can be fully maintained without demounting).
Fan speed control (3 speed settings) Enables optimum set up for operator comfort and ionisation range.
Excellent air flow characteristics Near laminar flow reduces turbulence and operator discomfort.
RJ11 for remote ion balance control sensor (autoselecting) Very fine balance in critical applications and nullifies the effects of varying ambient conditions.
Technical Characteristics
Ozone Less than 0.01ppm
Housing Powder coated steel
Input connector IEC socket
Decay time (1,000V to 100V typical) Less than 4 secs at 457mm at maximum fan speed


600mm or 1200mm as standard