251 Ion Gun

Meech 251 Ion Gun

Product Code: 251

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Meech's Model 251 Ion Gun is a robust, lightweight injection moulded product for use with the Model 233v3 Pulsed DC Controller.

It is suitable for contamination blow-off and neutralisation of static charges in electronic applications and cleanroom environments. It is quick, easy and safe to use. Supplied with 2 metres of cable as standard.

Technical Characteristics
Weight 0.16 kg
Operating voltage 8 kV DC nominal (Model 233v3)
Emitters Machined titanium (replaceable)
Length 190 mm
Max pressure Not to be used above 7 bar (100 psi) Recommended pressure 1.5 - 4 bar (20 - 60 psi)
Ozone Less than 0.01 ppm
Ion balance +/- 10 V at set up
Noise level (1m) 72 dBA at 1.5 bar (20 psi)

Decay time (1000v - 100v) 150mm

Typically less than 0.5 secs