955 Fan Driven Ionising Blow Gun

Meech 955 Fan Driven Ionising/Ionizing Blow Gun

Product Code: 955

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The Meech Model 955 is a hand held ionising blow gun for removing static charges and dust in a range of industrial applications. It has been designed to provide efficiency in both cost and performance. An electrical centrifugal fan provides high velocity air flow, avoiding the need for a costly compressed air supply. Ionisation is provided by titanium emitters located in the nozzle of the gun, powered by a high voltage DC source. Two versions of the 955 are available, the Model 955-24 (240V 50Hz), or the Model 955-11 (110V 60Hz).

Electrically powered fan Low running costs compared to conventional compressed air systems
Variable fan speed Can adjust air velocity to suit application
Air inlet filter Ensures that clean air is delivered to target area
Built-in alarm circuit Easy check that ionisation system is active
Easily removed nozzle Quick and easy maintenance for optimum performance
Holster Safe and easy storage of gun when not in use
Technical Characteristics
Weight 8.5 kg
Power consumption 1.4kW
Emitters Titanium
Dimensions (base) 450mm long x 350mm diameter

Input Voltage

240V 50Hz (Model 955-24) or 110V 60Hz (Model 955-11)

Hose length

2.5 metres

Air velocity

Variable from 75 to 150 metres/second at discharge

Ozone level


Decay Performance

Typically < 0.5 sec at 600mm from the nozzle at maximum air flow