976 Pulsed DC Ionising Head

Meech 976 Pulsed DC Ionising/Ionizing Head

Product Code: 976-HEAD

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Meech's model 976 Ion Head is a small, lightweight ioniser, designed for use with the Model 977 series of Pulsed DC Controllers.

It is suitable for installation into machinery and equipment used within electronic and cleanroom environments. It's small size makes it ideal where localised ionisation is required in restricted spaces.


Adjustable balance and frequency (Pulsed DC Controller)

Optimisation of performance and extended ionisation range

Rapid decay times

Very effective in high speed applications

Removable emitter pins

Easy to clean and replace. Minimum maintenance downtime and extended equipment life

Small and compact

Easy to locate and install in confined spaces

Clean design

Makes it suitable for cleanroom use

Technical Characteristics

Emitter pins

Machined titanium (replaceable)


59mm x 35mm x 12mm




Less than 0.01ppm

Decay time

0.3 seconds at 150mm
<0.1 seconds at 50mm

Input voltage

+/- 9kV


PVC sheathed 20kV cable, 2000mm