261v2 Ion Nozzle

Product Code: A261v2-32

Meech's Model 261v2 Ion Nozzle is a small, robust ioniser. It is suitable for installation into machinery and equipment used within industrial and cleanroom environments; providing fast static control and excellent dust removal.  It is quick to install, using the optional mounting bracket. It is safe to use and meets OSHA dead-end pressure requirements.  

It is powered by a Meech Model 233v3, 977CM or 977v3 Pulsed DC Controller.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable balance and frequency (Pulsed DC Controller)

    Optimisation of performance and extended ionisation range

  • Rapid decay times

    Very effective in high speed applications

  • Removable emitter pins

    Easy to clean and replace. Minimum maintenance downtime and extended equipment life

  • Low air consumption

    Economical use of compressed air

  • Small and compact

    Easy to locate and install in confined spaces

Technical Characteristics

  • Body


  • Length


  • Diameter


  • Weight

    0.06 kg (Without bracket)

  • Max Air Pressure Rating

    100Psi (7 bar)

  • Typical Pressure

    20 to 40Psi (1.5 to 3 Bar)

  • Noise Level (261v2-32)

    68 dBa (20 Psi at 1m) (1.5 bar)

  • Emitter Pins

    Machined titanium (7mm)

  • Decay Time

    0.8 sec at 150mm at 30 Psi (2 bar) (1000V to 100V)

  • Ozone

    Less than 0.01 ppm

  • Input Voltage

    +/- 9kV DC Nominal

  • Ion Balance

    +/- 10V or better at set up

Meech 261v2