272 Flexi Nozzle

Meech 272

Product Code: 272

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The Model 272 Flexible Ion Nozzle is a compact, "hands free" ioniser, designed for repetitive cleaning tasks. It is powered by the Model 233 Pulsed DC Controller. It is suitable for electronic and cleanroom environments and is quick to install and easy and safe to use.

The 272 includes a pneumatic foot pedal which allows the operator to regulate both the flow of air and activate the ionisation hands free.


Exceptionally quiet operation

No operator discomfort

Compact design

Easy to position in the workplace

Replaceable machined titanium emitters

Easy to clean and replace. Minimum maintenance downtime

Rapid decay times

Effective static charge neutralisation

Low air consumption

Economic to use

Optional foot pedal or foot switch

Increased ease of use and operator comfort

For use with compressed air or nitrogen

Suitable for a range of applications

OSHA compatible dead-end pressure relief

Safe operation

Weighted base for maximum stability

Provides stability

Technical Characteristics

Weight and size

2.0 Kg / 245 mm (flexible length)

Operating voltage +/- 8kV DC nominal
Max pressure 7 bar (100 psi)



Ozone Less than 0.01 ppm
Ion balance +/- 10 V at set up
Noise level (1m) 72 dBA at 1.5 bar
Typical pressure 1.5 - 3 bar (20 - 40 psi)
Air fitting 6 mm Dia push fit connection.
Electrodes Machined titanium (replaceable)

Decay time (1000-100V) 150mm

Typically less than 0.5 secs