200 Sensor System

Meech 200 Sensor System

Product Code: 200

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The Meech Model 200 Sensor System has been designed for use with the Series 200 range of ionising nozzles.

Automatic sensing of products Provides fully "hands free" operation without the need for pneumatic footpedals or other controls.
Adjustable sensing range Provides versatility in system installation.

Ionisation and compressed air are only on when the target is detected

Energy saving

Technical Characteristics

Power input

Direct from 233v3 Controller

Mounting Via bespoke bracket for 261 and 271 nozzles
Dimensions (controller) 190 x 138 x 46 mm
Dimensions (sensor) 18 x 60 mm
Cable length 2 metres
Compressed air connection 6mm diameter push fit

Sensing range

0 to 450mm (adjustable)