DC High Voltage Cable Splitters

Product Code: A2WAY / A4WAY / A8WAY

DC High Voltage Cable Splitters have been developed to enable a number of ionising products to be powered from the Meech Pulsed DC Controllers.

The Splitters are supplied fitted with a 500mm cable length and plug for connection to the Pulsed DC Controller.

They are available as 2 way, 4 way or 8 way.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Technical Characteristics

  • Mounting
    Two M4 clearance holes provided
  • Cable length
  • Maximum voltage

    15kV DC

  • Body
    Fire retardant PVC - Grey
  • Size

    Two Way - 29mm x 58mm x 12 mm Four Way - 44mm x 60mm x 12 mm

  • Connection
    Push in plug connection
Meech DC High Voltage Cable Splitters

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