Hyperion BarMaster Remote Programmer

Hyperion Barmaster Remote Programmer

Product Code: A900IPS-BARMASTER

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The Hyperion BarMaster is a remote programmer designed to connect with any Hyperion product.

The BarMaster temporarily connects inline with the 24V power supply to the bar and allows adjustment of the output and clean pin alert settings. When programming is completed the BarMaster is disconnected, once re-powered the Hyperion ionisers will operate at the programmed settings.



Hyperion BarMaster can be used to adjust the settings of any Hyperion product.

Hand Held Programmer

Portable and easy to carry around.

Frequency Adjustment

Frequency can be adjusted to suit different operating distances.

Balance Adjustment

Balance can be set for the most rapid static control in demanding applications or for the best balance on sensitive applications.

Clean Pin Alert

Clean pin alert setting can be changed to suit the demands of the application.

Future Proof

The BarMaster has been designed to be compatible with current and future Hyperion products.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxHxD)

81mm x 143mm x 25mm



Cable Length


Input Voltage


Electrical Connection

4 pin M8 Connector