Hyperion Feedback Sensor for Hyperion 929IPS and 971IPS

Feedback Sensor For Hyperion IPS Bars

Product Code: A900IPS-FB-SENSOR-20

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Our closed-loop feedback system takes advantage of the adjustable balance of pulsed DC ionising systems.

The system comprises a Hyperion 929IPS or 971IPS bar which has been feedback enabled. Connected to the bar is an external, high accuracy, voltage sensor that measures the voltage on the web downstream of the ionising bar.

This measurement is fed back to the bar which automatically adjusts the balance of the output to achieve a completely neutral web. This is a continuous process that constantly measures and adjusts to achieve the very best static control at all times.

Please consult your local Meech Distributor for advice on this installation.


Feedback for Mid and Long Range Bars

Accurate neutralisation

Third Party High Accuracy Sensor

Recognised and trusted brand for measurement instrumentation.

M8 Connection

Simple and quick connection.

Analogue Output

Allows data logging and monitoring.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring Range



1-5V DC (Output impedance Approx. 100ohms)


+/- 5%F.S.

Installation Distance


Cable Length




Ambient Humidity

35% to 85% RH