Switchmode Power Adaptor 15W

Product Code: A200-SM15

A general 24V DC 15W Power Adaptor for use with products including 233v3 Pulsed DC Controller, 212v2 Benchtop Ioniser and 994IML Static Generator, fitted with a 2 metre cable and 2.1mm Jack Plug. 

Switchmode Power Adaptors take the local electrical supply and convert it to a stable and filtered 24V DC output. The adaptors are very versatile, accepting a wide range of input voltages from 100V to 240V AC and either 47 or 63 Hz.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Technical Characteristics

  • Input Range

    100 - 240V AC

  • Frequency

    47 - 63 Hz

  • Input Current

    0.4 A rms Max

  • Maximum Power

    15 W

  • Output Voltage

    24V DC

  • Output Current Max


  • Protection

    Over voltage and over current protection

  • Dimensions

    38mm x 35mm x 90mm excluding cables

  • Input Connector

    IEC 60320 C5 Socket

  • Output

    2000mm cable to 2.1mm Jack Plug

  • Certification

    CE. UL.

Meech Switchmode Power Adapter 15W

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