233v3 Pulsed DC Controller

Product Code: 233v3

The Model 233v3 Pulsed DC Controller has been designed to operate with the Series 200 range of ionisers for ESD applications.

The 233v3 is light, compact and features lockable plug and socket connectors for quick release. It also provides the option of Steady State DC (SSDC) output.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Extended pulse rate/frequency range (0.5 to 20 Hz).
    Lower frequencies enable emitted ions to travel extended distances and thereby increase the effective range of static control. There is also greater flexibility in the positioning of bars.
  • Extended balance adjustment.
    Finer, more accurate adjustment of ion balance.
  • Integral air connections supplied as standard.

    Easy, tidy connection of air supply pipe(s).

  • Built in alarm circuit with auto shutdown.

    Detection of a fault in the ionisation system results in automatic shutdown, thereby preventing serious damage to the system.

  • Provision for remote alarm indicator and 24V supply (through 8-way DIN connector).
    Enables system installations to be monitored from remote locations. No additional external power supply is required to power remote indicators.
  • Provision for remote ON/OFF switching.

    Allows system to be operated from remote locations.

  • SSDC output option.

    Provides tight balance in applications where air flow is required.

  • Light and compact.
    Minimum space requirement.

Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions
    94mm x 157mm x 35mm (h x w x d)
  • Weight
  • Power
  • Input Voltage
    24V DC
  • Input Frequency
    47 – 63Hz
  • Mains Input
    Via 2.5mm jack socket (centre positive)
  • Output Current
  • Output Frequency
    Adjustable between 0.5 and 20Hz
  • Alarm Relay
    Connection via 8-way DIN
  • Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Remote HV switch
    3.5mm jack plug
  • Compressed air connection
    Via 6mm push-in fitting
Meech 233v3 Pulsed DC Controller