957EX Hazardous Area Air Curtain

Meech 957EX Hazardous Area Air Curtain

Product Code: 957EX

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Model 957Ex consists of a Meech 915Ex static eliminator bar mounted on to a linear air flow amplifier (air curtain).

It produces a high speed, laminar beam of ionised air for long range static neutralisation and dust removal. It is available in a variety of lengths.

The 915Ex Bar is BASEEFA approved for use in hazardous areas. (EXs IIA T6 - Zone 1 on 2). II 2 G Gas group IIA Temp Class T6

Laminar air flow Reduces recombination of ions, increasing effective range
High speed air flow Long range ionisation capability
Air amplifier Reduces compressed air consumption
Easy maintenance Optimum performance and equipment life
Technical Characteristics
Weight Approximately 3.5 Kg per metre length
Operating voltage 7kV
Pin energy 0.15 millijoules
Cable 5 metres of screened HT cable as standard. Longer lengths can be ordered
Mounting M4 studs securing static eliminator bar can be used for mounting
Maximum temperature 85°C
Air consumption 122 lt/min at 5 bar per 25mm of air curtain length (4.3cfm at 80psi per inch length)
Noise Quiet operation. Typically 50dBA less than the equivalent drilled or slotted pipe.