976EX Hazardous Area Pulsed DC Bar

976EX Hazardous Area Pulsed DC Bar

Product Code: 976EX

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The Meech Model 976Ex is unique and has been designed to extend the exceptional performance and other benefits of the 976 Pulsed DC system to classified hazardous environments. It is particularly suited to coating, laminating, finishing and gravure printing applications.

The 976Ex is certified by Baseefa to comply with Article 9 of the Council Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). EC Type Examination Certificate No: Baseefa04ATEX0348X

Fast, long range performance (up to 600mm without air resistance) Flexibility in positioning. Effective at faster web speeds.
Unique profile & emitter layout Reduced ion recombination & enhanced performance
Resistively coupled emitter pins Shockless, thereby enhancing operator safety
Sharp titanium emitter pins Reduced pin contamination & longer effective life
Removable & replaceable emitter pins Reduced downtime for maintenance. System efficiency maintained without total replacement and life of bar is substantially lengthened
Easy wipe casing Reduced dust contamination, easy maintenance & sustained performance
Unique “T” channel mounting system Simple & quick installation
Air boost option Enhanced range (up to 1200mm) and speeds
Technical Characteristics
Dimensions 50mm x 50mm x length (up to 4000mm)
Weight 400gms per 300mm length
Operating voltage Up to 10kV DC
Cable 5 metres shielded in flexible conduit; longer lengths can be ordered
Construction FR ABS extrusion
Emitters Titanium (replaceable)
Mounting M4 x 20mm studs into “T” slots