983v2 Static Locator

Meech 983v2 Static Locator

Product Code: 983v2

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The Model 983v2 Static Locator provides accurate measurement of electrostatic charges. Its design enables fast response, low drift and ease of operation.

The 983v2 can operate in “Continuous” or “Peak Hold” mode to record changes in the level of charge or the highest charge detected respectively. It is suitable for use by production, maintenance, inspection and quality engineers and on any material where static charge may be an issue.

Compact design Lightweight, pocket sized device
Large high contrast LCD screen with digital display Easy to read in different lighting conditions
Continuous and Peak Hold modes Can measure fluctuation in charge levels and/or the highest level detected
In-built distance meter Clear indication of correct operating range for consistent, accurate readings
Robust plastic housing High durability
Instrument case Safe, clean storage when not in use
Technical Characteristics


143mm x 81mm x 25mm (H x W x D)

Weight 200g
Construction Moulded plastic case, integral battery compartment, external earth connection
Measurement range -200kV to 200kV at a distance of 150mm



Battery 2 x AA alkaline
Battery life Approximately 10 hours of continuous use