984v2 Ion Sensor

Meech 984v2 Ion Sensor

Product Code: 984v2

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The Meech Model 984v2 Ion Sensor is an easy-to-use device for checking the performance of both AC and DC powered static eliminator bars.

Indicator lights confirm the presence of ions and, in the case of a DC power source, their polarity. Regular monitoring of installations with the model 984v2 will indicate when bars require cleaning or other maintenance work, thereby ensuring that bar performance and process efficiency can remain at the optimum level.

Simple to operate Provides reproducible results
Detects Ions Unlike other devices that measure only electrical field strength, the 984v2 provides a direct indication of ionization performance
Operates with both AC and DC power sources Can be used with a range of different types of installed equipment and with equipment from different manufacturers.
Measures bar performance in”situ” Avoids the need to remove the bar for testing.
No user serviceable parts No maintenance – only periodic battery replacement is required.
Technical Characteristics
Weight 168 grams (including battery)


142mm x 81mm x 25mm (h x w x d)

Battery 2 x AA alkaline

Indicator leds

Power - Red, No Ions Detected - Red Flashing, AC Ions Detected - Yellow, Positive Ions Detected - Red, Negative Ions Detected - Green