974 Passive Eliminator

Meech 974 Passive Eliminator

Product Code: 974

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The Model 974 Passive Eliminator provides a simple method for reducing high levels of static charge to a lower threshold.

The 974 is based on a soft carbon fibre brush and is available in lengths of up to 3 metres. 974 Passive Eliminators can be used alone but are not suitable for static charge levels of less than 10kV. The Model 974 can also be used in conjunction with “active” static control systems such as the Meech 915.



Highly conductive carbon fibre brush Efficient at neutralising high charges
Simple construction Easy installation and maintenance
Extruded aluminium body High strength and rigidity
Technical Characteristics
Weight Approx. 200gm per metre length


Extruded aluminium body with and carbon fibre brush

Maximum temperature


Fibre length 15mm

Overall height