993R Spark Free Generator Bar

Meech 993R Spark Free Generator Bar

Product Code: 993R

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The Meech Model 993R is a high performance generator bar for use with the Meech range of 30kV and 50kV high voltage DC static generators.

Resistively coupled emitter pins deliver smooth, controlled pinning whilst spark free operation avoids tripping out on intermittent applications.

Resistively coupled emitter pins Power is delivered in a smooth, controlled manner. Spark free operation. Eliminates incidences of flash over often experienced with bars directly coupled to the high voltage supply. Greatly improved operator safety.
Removable emitter pin option Optimum performance can be maintained. Life of the bar is substantially lengthened.
Technical Characteristics
Weight Approx. 400gms per meter length.
Dimensions 24mm x 44mm x length (Up to 3000mm)
Operating voltage Up to 50kV DC
Cable 2 metres shielded in flexible conduit: longer lengths can be ordered
Construction PVC extrusion, titanium emitter pins
Mounting Two M10 x 50mm nylon studs
Maximum temperature 60ºC
Operating current 0.5mA max
Polarity Either positive or negative