994 IML Static Generator

Product Code: 994 IML

The 994-IML Static Generator has been designed after consultation with "In Mould Labelling" OEM's. The criteria they laid down was that the unit needed to be compact, light & reasonably priced.

The Meech 994-IML provides 0-20kV, Negative polarity, in a lightweight package with connections to suit the Meech Hydra IML pinning system.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Features & Benefits

  • 0-20kV output

    Adjustable to suit all IML applications

  • Lightweight

    Can be mounted on robot

  • 24V DC Supply

    Readily available on most machinery

  • Current limiting circuitry

    Prevents damage to unit

  • Full remote control

    Easy integration with PLC

Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions

    215 x 170 x 46 mm (W x H x D)

  • Weight


  • Output voltage

    0 - 20kV Negative

  • Max current

    500 microAmps

  • Supply voltage


  • Front panel

    Flush rotary voltage control
    Power LED
    HT on LED
    Fault LED

  • Side Panel

    24V DC input
    Power ON/OFF Switch - latching push button
    3.5mm Jack Remote ON/OFF
    8 Pin Mini-DIN
    2 x HT output sockets

Meech 994 IML Static Generator

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