994 Hydra - Miniature IML Pinning System

Meech 994 Hydra - Miniature IML Pinning System

Product Code: 994-HYDRA

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The 994 HYDRA is a miniaturised in-mould labelling pinning system. It is especially useful on applications where small items are being moulded. For example, yoghurt pots and drinks containers can be of a small diameter and require the pinning heads to be small also.

The standard system comprises a Resistively Coupled Distributor with either four or six pinner cables. It has a mounting footprint of 50mm x 86mm. The resistive coupling of the distributor controls arcing and provides independent operation of the pinning heads.



Miniature pinning head (5 x 15mm)

Fits small mould tools

Resistive coupling

Smooth, spark-free pinning. Independant operation of each pin.

Small distributor housing

Easily mounted on tool

Technical Characteristics


Pinning Head 5mm dia x 15mm


Distributor 50mm x 86mm




Pinning Head - PTFE
Distributor - ABS
Splitter - PVC

Maximum operating temperature

Pinning Head - 105°C
Distributor - 90°C
Splitter - 65°C

Power source

994 IML Generator

HT Cable

Pinning Head - 450mm

Distributor - 1000mm

Operating voltage

Up to 20kV