994SPP Single Point Pinning System

Meech 994SPP Single Point Pinning System

Product Code: 994SPP

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The 994 Single Point Pinning System provides extremely compact pinning heads. These are ideal for localised static pinning in applications such as in-mould labelling.

The pining heads are connected to a 992v3 high voltage supply via a resistive splitter box (4 way or 6 way). The individual resistive coupling ensures smooth spark-free pinning, with completely independant operation of each head.

Small size Very easy to install
Resistive Coupling Spark free, independant operation
Plug and socket connection Fast changeover between differing production runs
Technical Characteristics
Operating voltage Up to 30kV
Maximum temperature 80°C
Dimensions (head) 10mm dia x 40mm

Dimensions (splitter box)

135.6 x 82.3 x 43.8mm

Splitter Box Weight 630g
Maximum Operation Current (per head) 40 microAmp