995 Claw Style Edge Pinning

Meech 995 Claw Style Edge Pinning

Product Code: A995-CLAW-1

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The 995 Edge Pinning Claw is a powerful pinning head intended for use on cast-film lines. Pinning the edges of the cast film to the chill roller prevents necking of the film.  Resistively coupled titanium pins deliver spark free pinning.

The 995-CLAW can be powered from either our 30kV or 50kV range of 992v3 generators.


Resistively coupled

Spark free, independant operation

Flexible titanium pins

Adjustable to suit installation, long service life

Technical Characteristics

Operating voltage

Up to 50kV D.C.

Operating polarity

Either +VE or -VE

Max temperature

Including conduit - 115°C

Head only - 130°C

Overall dimensions

30 x 67 x 180mm

Pin dimensions

2mm x 50mm

Cable length

5000mm, longer upon request


PTFE body

Polyurethane potting compound

Titanium pins