995-DE Dirty Environment Pinner

Meech 995 DE Dirty Environment Pinner

Product Code: A995-DE-PINNER

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The 995 Dirty Environment Pinner provides electrostatic pinning in applications where the risk of contamination is high.

The resistively-coupled titanium pins are shrouded to offer a physical protection whilst an open design avoids the build up of contaminant. This makes them ideal for food overwrapping machnery where spillages are common.


Resistively coupled

Spark free, independent operation

Flexible titanium pins

Adjustable to suit installation, long service life

Open design

Prevents build up of contamination

Technical Characteristics

Pin dimensions

2mm x 50mm


PTFE body, polyurethane potting compound, titanium pins

HT cable

5 metres, longer on request

Operating voltage

Up to 50kV DC

Operating polarity

Either +VE or -VE