995 Pinning Head

Meech 995 Pinning Head

Product Code: A995R-XXXX

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The 995 range of Pinning Heads have been designed for use with all Meech static generators*. All can be operated at up to 50kV and being resistively coupled are near shockless in normal operation.

 *Three sizes cover lengths 65mm, 107mm and 144mm

Resistively coupled Spark free, independant operation

High pin density

Powerful pinning

Technical Characteristics


4P2R  (L) 65mm x (W) 30mm x (H) 50mm

8P2R  (L) 107mm x (W) 30mm x (H) 50mm

12P2R  (L) 144mm x (W) 25mm x (H) 50mm

Operating voltage Up to 50kV D.C.
Cable 2 metres of EHT cable in flexible plastic conduit as standard, longer lengths can be specified when ordering
Construction PTFE extrusion, titanium emitter pins

Max temperature


Power Source

Meech Model 992v3

Operating polarity Either +VE or -VE