995R Handheld IML Pinning Head

Meech 995R Handheld IML Pinning Head

Product Code: 995R-IML

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The 995R-IML Manual Pinning Head is designed for use with all Meech static generators. It can be operated at up to 50kV and being resistively coupled are near shockless in normal operation. Ideal for the manual application of charge, especially for In Mould Labelling applications.


Resistively coupled

Spark free powerful pinning

Integral switch

High voltage switched on only when required

Technical Characteristics

Operating voltage

Up to 50kV D.C.

Operating polarity

Either +VE or -VE

Max temperature



3000mm of extra flexible low-memory conduit protected, HT cable


PTFE extrusion, titanium emitter pins


30x67mm total length

Power source

Meech Model 992v3