995v3 Flexible Pinning Head

Meech 995v3 Flexible Pinning Head

Product Code: 995v3

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The Model 995v3 Flexible Pinning Head is designed for use with the Meech range of high voltage static generators.

Resistively coupled emitter pins deliver smooth, controlled pinning whilst spark-free operation avoids tripping out on intermittent applications. The flexible trunking permits accurate pinning of non-conductive materials.

Resistively coupled emitter pins Power is delivered in a smooth, controlled manner. Spark-free operation. Eliminates incidence of flash over often associated with directly coupled devices. Greatly improved operator safety.
Stayput flexible trunking Pinner head can be easily positioned enabling accurate delivery of charge to the target area.
Removable emitter pin (option) Optimum performance can be maintained. Life of the pinner unit is substantially extended.
PTFE pinner head Provides higher temperature resistance.
Technical Characteristics
Operating voltage Up to 50kV DC
Mounting Via mounting block
Polarity Either Positive or Negative
Flexible trunking length 300mm ( longer lengths available)
High voltage cable 2m standard length ( longer lengths available)
Emitter pins Titanium
Pinning head PTFE